Debbi Porter
Senior Interior Designer


“I love the feeling of making people comfortable and owning their own style.” While this is how I felt about the over two decades I spent in fashion design, the same desire informs my Interior design.  It’s all about helping you discover what makes your space a home that delights and invites you. Changes in the fashion industry and outgrowing my tiny apartments filled with disposable furniture had me looking hard at changing my path. I decided to build on my creative foundation and attended the New York School of Interior Design. Combining the two professions has been advantageous in designing from a different perspective.

My career began with high-end residential, including model homes and show houses, so the concept of getting buyers to say “yes” was there from the start. Since then, I’ve grown to include a rich variety of design disciplines from helping clients with new home selections to designing all aspects and vendor management for an 11,000 sf home during a global pandemic.

It has always been my goal to make people happy, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and enjoy the process of building their dream home.  

After Hours

You will find me spending time with my dog, Addie, exploring the local attractions, or taking a spontaneous weekend getaway. I am also a perpetual student so I am constantly engaged in online courses.