Paul Morales
Project Manager, CLC

Paul is a believer that construction, though based on engineering and design, is really all about meaningful conversations and problem solving. To him, Blue Star isn’t in the remodeling business, it’s in the people business. As a youngster, Paul watched an architect renovate the house next door and was hooked. A passion for working with his hands and “puzzling things out” set him up to learn basic skills from his father and later spend summers roofing and learning other trades. Later, his first job in sales at Nordstrom ingrained in him the customer-minded ethic that he’s carried through 15 years in the design/build world — and as a small business owner. After formal training as an interior designer with a focus on Architecture, Paul worked as a draftsman, in a kitchen and bath showroom and for several homebuilders before going out on his own as a small-scale remodeler.

As a small business owner, Paul learned trust is paramount to client relationships, especially when you want to develop long term relationships and have repeat business. Given the chance, he relishes the opportunity to deep dive into construction mechanics with owners, but he’s also the project manager who less technical minded clients turn to for a top-level overview and spot on recommendations to overcome the inevitable construction hurdles and unforeseen conditions.

Off Topic
Paul recommends making your kids take a summer job with roofers; it builds character.